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Swimming pools are an integral part of life in the Sunshine State, so pool cleaning services are in high demand. Finding available and affordable swimming pool cleaning in Ponte Vedra, FL does not have to be the hardest part of your day. AQUANAUTS POOL & SPA offers expert pool service that includes pool vacuuming, pool skimming, and pool maintenance, all for good value.

We can clean your pool and maintain your pool filters, and we also provide all of the chemicals that you need to keep your pool safe and sanitary. From chlorine tablets to chemical testing kits, we have the products you have been looking for at the affordable price your budget demands.

Once your pool is clean and safe, you want to make sure the pool and patio decks are spotless, too. We offer a professional pressure washing service that is certain to get all of the dirt and grime off your patio, pool deck, and other hardscape elements. Whether you are entertaining your friends in the backyard or hosting the neighborhood at a community pool, our power washing service will always having your pool looking its best.

Playing in the pool should be fun, but having one that needs maintenance and repairs can be a real disappointment. AQUANAUTS POOL & SPA believes that quality service and affordable products make it much easier to be a responsible pool owner. We have worked with most of the larger commercial pools in the area, so we bring the experience and the tools that you need to make your pool clean and safe. Do not struggle with pool cleaning—make an appointment and we will come out and take care of it for you.