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Taking care of a swimming pool can be a lot of hard work, especially when it comes to balancing the chemicals and making it safe for the public or your family. Whether you manage a public pool for the city, a community pool for a homeowners association, or the family pool in your backyard, you need affordable pool chemicals in Ponte Vedra, FL. AQUANAUTS POOL & SPA offers chlorine tablets, chemical testing kits, and swimming pool stabilizer products, as well as honest and affordable service that you can count on.

We have served some of the largest commercial pools in the area, and we have the talent and equipment to handle any pool job you can throw at us. From a major project to weekly maintenance, we are set up to take care of your swimming pool efficiently and affordably.

We are professional pool cleaners who do more than clean pools; we perform water tests, service filters, acid wash decks and surfaces, and restore green pools to clear water. Our fully trained pool cleaners have the tools and the experience you are looking for to keep your pool open, and safe, all season long. From minor maintenance to a major upgrade, we can make sure that your swimming pool is always cool and refreshing.

Do not risk the dangers of dirty pool water when AQUANAUTS POOL & SPA is available to help you maintain your pool and make it the “it” spot in the neighborhood. We guarantee you extraordinary service, affordable rates, and the best-maintained pool you have ever had. No pool job is too small or too large for us to take on, so contact us and let your swimming pool cares go down the drain.